Catalina Island

Excursion to Catalina Island

Perfect excursion for the fans of snorkeling or diving. A coral reef will allow you to discover a rich seebed with plenty of diversity of fishes and colors. The island of Catalina is ideal to relax and enjoy a few hours of the beach, the sun and the sea, and also do some shopping ... We will stay about 3 hours on the beach. To cool off: various snacks and drinks of all kinds will be offered in the open bar. You will be able to discover the local handcraft walking by the small colorful shops ... you will find local objects, jewels or even shirts with the Caribbean colors .... . For lunch, you will be served grilled meat, fish, salads, rice and pasta, various drinks such as coca, sprite, water, beer, rum and fresh tropical fruit. In the afternoon, during the return journey, we will stop in front of the very famous area of "Casa de Campo". You will be able to admire the beautiful villas of Ricky Martin, Shakira, Julio Iglesias, Gaucci, Lippi and other international personalities. Then we go up the mouth of the Chavon River, where were shooting internationally renowned films like Rambo 2, King Kong, Apocalypse Now. We can also admire the beautiful Marina with yachts and luxury boats.


isola catalina corsi PADI Saona

The ascent of the river will allow us to discover the fauna and flora of this lush tropical zone. We will make a stopover and we will join a small typical village called Altos de Chavon built on a small hill in medieval style. We will see the amphitheater, the Tainos museum, the typical shops, the art school and you can take panoramic photos of the river that plunges into the sea. The journey will end with a snack: Vitamin "A" and tropical fruits will be there!